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Metro Ethernet is a general term used to describe an Ethernet technology network in a metropolitan area. Metro Ethernet can connect business local area networks (LANs) and individual end users to a wide area network (WAN) or to the Internet.

Corporations, academic institutions and government agencies in large cities can use Metro Ethernet to connect branch campuses or offices to an intranet. A typical Metro Ethernet system has a star network or mesh network topology with individual routers or servers interconnected through cable or fiber optic media.

The common theme across all these applications and WAN architectures is Ethernet. As voice and data converge, and as Ethernet becomes as widely deployed within data centers as Fibre Channel, Carrier Ethernet becomes the logical way to achieve high-bandwidth, low-latency links across the metro area.

Metro Ethernet offers cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability and bandwidth management superior to most proprietary networks.

The key attributes of Metro Ethernet of Aries Telecoms:



Aries Telecoms has established a Peninsular-wide optical metro Ethernet network that runs next generation carrier-class network over fibre optic infrastructure. It is a complete end-to-end Ethernet over fibre network that passes through the major commercial centres around Peninsular Malaysia.

The Aries Telecoms Ethernet network allow flexible and innovative network design that also incorporates greater redundancy and resiliency. This means our customers will have virtually unlimited bandwidth and granular scalability (300Gbps upgradable to 1.6Tbps) to cater to domestic and international demand.

With environmentally friendly technology, end-to-end service monitoring, fault detection, and remote troubleshooting, our business partners can be rest assured in the knowledge thet their businesses are in safe hands.